Welcome to the NHS Genomic Medicine Service (GMS) Signed Off Panels Resource

Welcome to the resource to view the signed off panels that relate to genomic tests listed in the NHS National Genomic Test Directory.

The panels in this resource contain the list of Green (diagnostic level of evidence) genes*, short tandem repeats (STRs) and regions (copy number variants/CNVs) that have been approved for use in the NHS in England. These panels are reviewed and updated through an annual and quarterly evaluation process supported by expert Test Evaluation Working Groups and overseen by the NHS England Genomics Clinical Reference Group.

* please note that some genes, in particular non-coding, mitochondrial and those located in difficult to sequence genomic regions, may not be accurately analysed via the GMS WGS service for rare and inherited diseases due to limitations of the WGS analysis pipeline or WGS technology. These tests are outside the scope of Genomics England's UKAS ISO 15189 accreditation. For full details on GMS WGS limitations, please refer to the Rare Disease Analysis User Guide available in NHS Futures.


Panels can be searched for by panel name or R code (e.g. R27) of the relevant clinical indication as shown in the National Genomic Test Directory. Search by gene or entity will show all the NHS GMS signed-off panels that the gene or entity is present on. In this release of the resource, some panels are listed which can only be requested as part of larger "superpanels". These component panels are flagged with a banner to indicate they cannot be requested directly as a standalone panel. In future versions of this site, only panels that can be requested directly as part of the clinical indications outlined in the National Genomic Test Directory will be displayed.

Leaving reviews for gene panels

The main Genomics England PanelApp knowledgebase shows panels that have been updated by Genomics England curators and the content for these may differ to the panels on the GMS panels site.

The PanelApp knowledgebase also lists entities on panels which are not yet rated Green (diagnostic level of evidence) but have lower levels of evidence for disease association (Amber and Red genes). The Red and Amber genes are not displayed on this GMS panels site.

If you wish to add a review or suggest additional genes or entities for a panel, please do this in the main Genomics England PanelApp knowledgebase. Any changes to the content of the GMS panels will need to be evaluated through the genomic test evaluation process and will only be added to GMS panels following approval through this NHS England & NHS Improvement process.

Questions about the National Genomic Test Directory

For queries about tests within the Test Directory please refer to the following page.